The women leadership ranking of civil society organisations

Rank Organisation Commitment FAIR SHARE Index
1 IPPF-International Planned Parenthood Federation (IS)* 0
2 350.org (GO) 5
3 Plan International (IS) 9
4 CARE International (GO) 10
5 VSO-Voluntary Services Overseas (GO) 12
6 Greenpeace IS (GO) 12
7 Sightsavers International (GO) 12
8 World Vision (GO) 14
9 Skateistan (GO) 14
10 Oxfam (IS) 16
11 HelpAge (IS) 16
12 Red Cross, International Committee (GO) 18
13 Transparency International (IS) 20
14 CIVICUS (IS) 20
15 Save the Children International (IS) 21
16 Human Rights Watch (GO)* 22
17 Not1More (GO) 23
18 WWF International (GO) 28
19 SOS Children`s Villages (IS) 29
20 BRAC (GO)* 35
21 ONE (GO)* 38
22 Pact (GO) 40
23 Amnesty International (IS) 47
24 Habitat for Humanity (GO)* 52
25 CBM International (IS) 55
26 Red Cross, International Federation (IS)* 56
27 ADRA International (IS)* 70
28 Islamic Relief Worldwide (IS)* 91

IS = International Secretariat

GO = Global Organisation

* = Staffing estimated at 70%

Click CARE for information on their national affiliates.

We consider a FAIR SHARE Index below 15 desirable.


After the first launch of our FAIR SHARE Monitor on International Women’s Day 2019, we spent the following months in discussion with civil society organisations (CSOs) as well as gender and data experts to ensure we provide relevant data that helps advance better representation of women in CSO leadership.

On 04 June, we are publishing an updated and improved version of our FAIR SHARE Monitor. The Monitor ranks CSOs based on their representation of women in leadership positions, with the following changes:

  • We found that our original approach of comparing the percentage of women staff in an organisation with the percentage of women leaders favoured organisations with a low percentage of women staff because they needed only a low percentage of women leaders. Therefore, we introduced a new and slightly more complex formula to rank organisations on women’s leadership. The new formula rewards those organisations that have at least 50% of women staff and at least 50% of women leaders. For further details, please check out the the full data set.

  • We added one new organisation to the Monitor: Skateistan is committed to securing a FAIR SHARE of women leaders and provided us with the most recent and relevant data.

  • Greenpeace provided us with the data set for their entire organisation, including their national affiliates, which enabled us to replace the data set for the International Secretariat (IS) with the data set for the Global Organisation (GO).

  • SOS Children’s Villages provided us with the complete data set for their International Secretariat (IS). In addition, we were able to gather more data for other organisations.

As a next step in developing our Monitor, we have started looking at national affiliates of large international CSOs. We congratulate CARE International for being the first federated organisation that provided us with the data for all of its national affiliates. You can find the data for CARE showing the number of women leaders in senior leadership at national levels here. In the coming months, we will continue to publish data from national affiliates of other organisations.

For further analysis and conclusions on the updated Monitor, please read our blog.


The ranking above is based on our unique research into women in CSO leadership positions.


To find out more about how we compiled the data, please check our FAQs