help us convince ceos to walk the talk when it comes to equality.

We’ve already sent letters to the CEOs of the world’s leading civil society organisations demanding that they ‘walk the talk’ on women’s rights. We invited them to join the Fair Share campaign and commit to evaluating how the gender composition of their organisational leadership needs to reflect their broader commitment to women’s rights.

At this time, only 4 out of 30 organisations have agreed. This is unacceptable, and that’s why we’re asking staff and supporters of these organisations to send letters to their CEOs demanding that they stand up for women’s rights—not only around the world, but also within the walls of their own organisations.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Download the letter template here.

  2. Customise it by adding your personal story—if you’re a staff member of the organisation, this might be about why you believe more women in leadership would improve the organisation. If you’re a supporter of the organisation, this could be about why you believe women’s equality is essential to the wider mission of the organisation.

  3. Send your letter. If you’re a staff member of the organisation, feel free to send it directly to your CEO and copy in If you’re a supporter of the organisation, please send your letter directly to so that we can send it along.

  4. Share the campaign with as many feminists in your network as possible so that we can build pressure on organisations to stand up for the women who work for them.